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Leaking toilets are one of those things that are best left to the professionals!

The team at Biztec Plumbing can identify the issues with your toilet and repair or replace the units.

Running water to our toilets are an everyday convince that we all take for granted, until there is something wrong! One of the biggest mistakes people make is attempting to fix a toilet issue themselves. If you look online, you will see many help guides advising you to use different chemicals or push a coat hanger down the toilet to get rid of a blockage, or how to repair a leaking cistern by taking it apart.

It’s best to avoid these DIY techniques as they will only make the situation worse. A clothes hanger will scratch your toilet basin while using chemicals can cause pipework to erode, which can bring about a whole world of issues. Trying to repair your cistern can lead to parts being broken or not put back correctly, resulting in an even bigger problem than before.

Instead, give the team at Biztec Plumbing a call and book one of our qualified and experienced toilet repair plumbers who will resolve the problems you are experiencing.

When something goes wrong with your toilets, there is a vast range of issues that could be the cause. For example:

-blocked toilets that are not flushing properly;

-damaged or broken cisterns;

-incorrectly fitted toilets;

-running water in the toilet bowl;

-worn pan rubber;

-faulty inlet valve;

-old components fused together.

As you can see, the problems vary considerably. Our team at Biztec Plumbing are skilled in dealing with all aspects of toilet repairs and can attend to any repair promptly with affordable solutions, getting your plumbing back up and running in no time! Give the team at Biztec Plumbing a call today!

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