Blocked Drains

Blocked drain | Camera machine

We know home remedies found online may be tempting to try, but blocked drains are best left to the professionals!

Most people assume that their blocked drains are caused by something going down them and clogging them. However there is a wide range of factors that could cause drain blockages.

Blocked or slow running drains in your home can be very frustrating. If they are not dealt with in a timely manner, they can cause structural damages to your home and quickly become a health hazard.

Some of the signs of a blocked drain are:

-water in your toilet rises after you flush and drains slowly;

-water in your shower or sinks drain slower than before;

-strange odours coming out of the pipes;

-gurgling or bubbling noises coming from the pipes;

-dampness around the walls or floors.

Biztec Plumbing is here to get your pipes and drains unblocked, to save you time and money, and to help you avoid any problems in the future. Our plumbers are equipped with the latest high tech cameras and high pressure water jetting equipment.

By using our CCTV cameras, our plumbers can accurately identify the location of the issue with your drain. Our high pressure jetters cut through just about anything in the way including tree roots, rubble, build up and silt.

The team at Biztec Plumbing specialise in replacing blocked or broken sections of pipes. Sometimes, this is necessary if we are unable to clear your blocked drains. Our qualified plumbers will be able to discuss this option with you and work out the best solution to avoid any future problems. Give the team at Biztec Plumbing at call today!

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