Gas Fitting & Installation

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Heating, hot water, cooking- there are lots of things that rely on a good gas service!

The team at Biztec Plumbing are licensed and insured gas fitters and plumbers, qualified to assist you with all gas line and appliance work.

Biztec Plumbing specialises in gas stove installations, gas oven installations, gas leak detection and all gas appliance installations. Our licensed and fully qualified team at Biztec Plumbing are able to assist you with all your natural gas needs in your home or place of work. We can install appliances that you have purchased, or we can help source the right appliance for you based on your personal needs and requirements.

We also specialise in running new gas lines for a new gas point, or to replace an existing gas line. Sometimes gas lines become so severely damaged that a repair just won’t cut it. Common reasons for a gas line replacements include attending to corroded, rusted, leaking or damaged pipes and where required, upgrading existing lines to service new appliances.

Common signs to look for that may indicate your gas line needs replacement or a complete renewal include:

-drop in pressure;

-appliances not working properly;

-appliances not igniting, such as your stove or hot water unit;

-high gas bills;

-you can smell gas.

Our gas fitters are equipped with the latest gas fitting technology and can be over quickly to fix your problem. Call us today to get your gas appliance installed or your gas line repaired.

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