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Our team understands that Hot Water is an essential service and not a luxury that you can live without

Hot water is a necessity we all take for granted until we don’t have it! Our team understand that having running hot water is important for all households.

At Biztec Plumbing, we specialise in all types of hot water services including gas, electric, solar, storage, andinstantaneous units.

Our qualified team can assess the issue with your hot water service and identify exactly what needs to be fixed. Our vans are fully equipped with spare parts. Whether there is a problem with water pressure, temperature or a leaking unit, our plumbers will explain all options to you and work to find the best possible solution for your needs and budget.

Sometimes when your hot water system is nearing its lifespan of 10 years, it is often more economical to provide you with hot water system replacement options, as opposed to repairs solutions that may not last very long. Our qualified and licensed plumbers will discuss appropriate options for you after assessing the needs of your household.

Some common issues with hot water services are:

-no hot water;

-leaking Pressure and Temperature Relief (PTR) valve;

-pilot light not staying on;

-thermostat issues;

-low water pressure;

-mineral build up;

-unpleasant smelling water;

-faulty thermocouple;

-discoloured water coming out of the hot water taps;

-slow recovery time.

With the help of Biztec Plumbing, you can repair your existing unit, replace the whole unit or change over to a different type of hot water unit.

Give the team at Biztec Plumbing a call today to find the best solution for your needs!


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