Burst Pipes

Burst pipe repaired v1

A burst pipe at home is prime examples of a time you need a reliable emergency plumber!

Ignoring a burst pipe can lead to serious problems in and around your home including flooding, structural damage and even pests breeding such as mosquitoes.

Pipes are made to withstand the weight and pressure of water. However, like most things, they can wear and break as they get old. The damage that a leaking pipe can cause to your property can be quite substantial.

Some of the signs of a burst pipe are:

-dampness and discolouration;

-strange marks on walls, ceilings or flooring;

-damp and musky odour;

-water appearing where it shouldn’t be;

-low water pressure;

-hissing noises in the walls;

-peeling paint.

At Biztec Plumbing, we have the latest leak detection equipment and our skilled plumbers are experienced in finding the exact location of your leaking or burst pipe. Once the source of the leak is located, we will communicate with you and reach a permanent solution. If you have any issues or concerns about your pipes, give us a call today so that we can provide you with our expert advice and get one of our qualified plumbers out to attend to your leaking pipe.

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