Ducted Heating

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Are you finding that your ducted heating unit is not working like it used to? Or have your gas bills been unusually high?

The team at Biztec Plumbing specialise in ducted heater services and installations. We can work with you to find the most economical and beneficial solution.

Biztec Plumbing specialises in ducted heater services, ducted heater repairs and ducted heater installations.

We are experienced with all major brands of units including Brivis, Braemar and Bonaire.

It is recommended to service your ducted heater every two years to ensure that it is performing at its optimal level. As part of a ducted heater service, our team will:

-inspection the overall unit performance and airflow;

-test gas pressure;

-remove and clean burner components and fan;

-test burner and pilot ignition;

-test carbon monoxide levels;

-clean the filters.


You may find yourself in a position where your ducted heating unit isn’t working as well as it used to. Perhaps you are finding that you can’t get the chill out of the house or your gas bill may have been unusually expensive. If you notice these things, give the team at Biztec Plumbing a call to assess your unit and identify the issue.


Common signs to look for that may indicate your ducted heating unit needs repair or replacement include:

-blowing cold air when the temperature is set for warm;

-blowing weaker air than usual;

-walls or surfaces surrounding the air ducts become hot or discoloured;

-build-up of mould and dust;

-loud noises or noises which are different from normal;

-strange smells, particularly gas-like smells or burning smells.


Our gas fitters are skilled in identifying the issue with your ducted heating unit. Our team will communicate the best course of action to get your unit functioning its best again. Sometimes, it is more economical to replace your ducted heater, especially if it is an older unit and there are a few components that require repair. Our team will discuss the different options available to you to suit your needs and budget, so that you can get your home warm and comfortable again!

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